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Company Overview

Airport Overview

Situated 20km east of Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Airport sits atop the Takayubaru Plateau on the western side of the Aso outer mountain ridge. The airport lies within the municipalities of Mashiki Town (Kamimashiki District), Kikuyo Town (Kikuchi District), Ozu Town (Kikuchi District), and Nishihara Village (Aso District). There are few houses around the airport – instead you’ll find many farms, golf courses, and natural forests. With the smoky Aso volcano visible to the east, and faraway Mt. Unzen visible to the west, Kumamoto Airport occupies a truly scenic location in beautiful Kumamoto Prefecture.

Company Name Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd.
Address 1802-2 Oyatsu, Oaza, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto-ken, Japan 861-2204
Phone: 096-232-2311 
FAX: 096-232-2500
Founded September 16th, 1969
Company Purpose 1. Room rental services
2. Advertising services
3. Projects for tourism and spreading airport awareness
4. Providing facilities and services for airline passengers and cargo
5. Property insurance agency services
6. Travel services
Capital ¥200 million (¥800 million in authorized capital)
Executive Director and President Shinichi Murata
Related Companies Kumamoto Airport Refueling Facilities Co., Ltd.
Kumamoto Airport Service Co., Ltd.
Kumamoto Airport Security Co., Ltd.

Management Information


Kumamoto Airport was relocated in 1971 from the former army airport located in Kengun, Kumamoto, and opened in April of that year. Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd. was established prior to this in 1969. Since opening, there have been four major stages of the airport, with renovations and expansions conducted in 1974, 1991, and 1999, to further satisfy our customers. Our terminal buildings are our customers’ “entrances to the sky,” yet we were receiving requests to improve them. This was achieved, along with construction to create more space and improve earthquake resistance, in the fifth stage renovation completed in 2012. Our unending goal is to provide our customers with safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

Airport Layout

Category Details
1 Airport Name
and Location
Kumamoto Airport (Aso Kumamoto Airport)
1802-2 Oyatsu, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto-ken
2 Airport Type Nationally managed airport
3 Coordinates 32° 50′ 14″ N, 130° 51′ 19″ E
4 Elevation 192.7m
5 Area 1,761,950m2
6 Runway 3,000m x 45m Asphalt concrete pavement
7 Taxiways 23m x 2,857m 28.5m x 391.4m 34m x 750m Asphalt concrete pavement